It is not unusual for a piano to experience real physical damage over its lifetime. These delicate instruments are prone to transportation damage and general wear and tear, as well as sunlight exposure and simply old age. To lengthen your instrument’s lifespan, you must stay on top of the upkeep of your piano. At Piano corner, we provide several different services to keep your piano cabinet looking fresh and new.

Polyester Repair

The Polyester repair service is mainly used to repair surfaces that have fine scratches, pressure marks, small holes, broken corners, and edges. Depending on the size and scale of the damage to your piano, this service can take a few days to complete.

before photo of a piano with a visible scratch
After photo of a piano with the scratch fixed by Piano Corner

French Polishing

French Polishing is a labour-intensive method of cabinet refinishing for piano cabinets that are faded due to sun exposure or are simply older models and have suffered some scratches.  It is a fantastic way to freshen up the appearance on certain parts of the piano. The timeframe of this service again will depend on the current condition of your piano.

French Polishing by Piano Corner

Veneer Repair

Piano manufacturers used to cover the outer case with a layer of veneer to achieve the effect of a real mahogany or rosewood piece. It is therefore common for the veneer layer to endure chips or peels in areas. Fixing these damages on your piano will help maintain your piano’s value to its factory-new appearance.

piano undergone veneer repair by Piano Corner


Certain areas like the music desk or the cheek blocks on modern black or clear gloss grand pianos are commonly more exposed to scratches and can look quite dull after many years of use. We can sand and polish these areas up to the whole piano and bring it back to a close to new look. We recommend this service especially if you would like to sell your piano.


If you would like to have your piano look like brand new we offer a re-coating service where we take the piano to our workshop, disassemble it and bring it to the polisher who will sand it down to bare wood and recoat it with several coats of finish of your choice from matt all the way to high gloss. There is a wide range of colours available as well as clear coats. We will polish all brass parts and reassemble afterwards. This is certainly the most expensive option but your piano will look brand new afterwards.


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Piano Cabinet Repair – Polishing, Veneer Repair and More