From a basic piano repair service to more comprehensive piano restoration, Piano Corner can help bring your piano back to its fullest potential. As experienced piano technicians, we are experts in restoring and repairing many types of pianos, catering our services to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a regular service to keep your instrument maintained, or you need an old and neglected piano brought back into working condition, our technicians can give you expert advice on what your piano needs in order to meet your expectations.

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A basic service on your piano will include:

  • Hammer reshaping. This means we remove the string cuts on the hammers to improve the tone quality.
  • Adjusting and lubricating the pedals.
  • Cleaning the keys, action and inside the piano.
  • Polishing the key pins.
  • Identify and eliminate any unwanted noise in the action, pedals, and trap work.
  • Full regulation and voicing.
  • Tuning at concert pitch.

What can you expect from our service?

You will feel that the touch of your piano is much more consistent, very responsive and clearly defined, and the sound is clean, clear, and even. Keeping your piano maintained will also improve the overall lifespan of the instrument, and keep it in better shape for longer.

Precisely what you get out of a more comprehensive service or restoration depends on your goals. If you plan to play every day, you will have different priorities to a piano owner who is instead looking to improve the instruments value for sale.

A more comprehensive service depending on your needs could include:

  • Replacement of felt, cloth, leather or any too old or worn out parts.
  • Replacement of the white keytops, and blackening the sharp keys.
  • Restoration of old ivories, or ivory chip repair.
  • New key bushings.
  • New set of tapes.
  • New hammer but springs / damper springs / jack springs.
  • New set of hammers.
  • Touch weight procedure
  • New set of dampers.
  • String replacement. 
  • Bridge re-capping
  • New tuning plank


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Piano Restoration and Repair Service